International Agreements Database

Welcome to the SJSU IES database of international contacts and agreements. This database includes information on academic collaboration between SJSU and institutions in other countries. This information includes student exchanges, faculty exchanges, research collaborations, degree/credit program collaborations, training contracts and other special programs.

San José State University is interested in establishing partnerships with international universities and institutions to facilitate a wide variety of programs and exchanges. Please contact Larisa Brener for any questions or addition to this database. Email or call (408) 924-2719.

Please refer to the following documents for more information:
1) Guidelines
2) Letter of Intent sample (Chinese Version)
3) Memorandum of Understanding sample (Chinese Version)

Make your selections in the drop boxes below and click on the 'Submit' button. Once your selection comes up on the screen you can click on the institution's name to bring you to their website. If an agreement has been signed, click on the date of the agreement to view and print a scanned version of the signed agreement. Finally, click on the 'detail' button to view more information on the linkage such as campus contacts, phone numbers, and notes.


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